Weird .

Assalamualaiakum ..huh ..realy i'm tired to wrote .but i want do it now .. hehe ..for my up1 ..hurmm.. i get number 3 ..but i not proud bout that ..even i get number 3,i still sad ...hurmm ..weird rite .?hurmm hostell ..i have many problem bout subject2,in my classroom ..huh ..hope i can resolve my problem ...i want get 9a in PMR this year you know ..huh ..i hope it's happen ..i must'ijtihad' ..suddenly jek ..hehe ...hurmm..i know not just me have problem ..but my problem ...hish .!!(#_#) ...i can crazy bout that ..hope do not happen ..hurm ...i fell it's enough ..kk ..bye2 ..salam ..

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