'special friend'

hyep ..!firstly i want to applogise at you all if my senteces is wrong ..cause i try to expert in english on speaking,grammar and composition ..so whateva la what i want write.!

ohh ...sorry cause run out from the BIG TITILE what want i story ..ok ya ..the story begin ..

Last year i have a special friend ..the person so kindly,clever,religious and more good feature about her ..i start know him on date 29/5/2009 ...on clock 10.58 p.m. ...in time i know her,so many question i ask at her..date of birth,how many siblings,who's the name her siblings,and more la ...
After a few month,i and her so closed ..her always give me speech,advice and sometimes both of we give present ..all problem we settle gather..it's funny ..although i know sometimes her has a few problem,but he don't want to say..i just let her ..i konw her can resolve her problem alone ..hehe ...maybe ..
She like music romantic(sometimes),about Islam,and sometimes her choose the music cause some thing occurs in herself ..it's good right .?i also like that ..but not same like her ..i more like music rock romantic(it's also sometimes) ..
She like colour green ..but her friends say her go on for colour pink .!hehe ...i also think like that ..but we all cannot force her to love this colour right.?just care youself ..don't be a busybody ..it's not good ..if i make a fault,sure she must greeting me ..she always remember me about punishment at 'neraka' ...sometimes i don't care jekk ..and sometimes i very scared about it ..weird right .?i just ordinary men ,full with sin ..just hope blessing Allah ..
okey,we contineud about the story,now she live in Australia,you know because what.?she at here cause her'umi' get offer study continue ..she family's at here as long 4 years ..maybe she want open 1 'BUTIK *****'so ..maybe she alone at here ..maybe i will meet my sepcial friend on my 23,2,4,25 years old ..just at here we stop ...maybe if i want add part-part of story about her ...i write ..if i have ..

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